Follow @Dec_Geater You want me to come over i've got an excuse
Our lifestyles might be comparable. Cats
#BOUND on a boat with #actualbae. (at Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour)
R.I.P Princess, i still play your music every day

Thinking of you in the final throws, this is when my buzzer goes

#AmyJadeWinehouse #Anniversary #27 #SoulSister

Anonymous said: Have you and Diego fucked yet?

Only in the dreams

We are judging you


yesterday with the actual bae

Bae got me ‘Welcome to Florida’ gifts

Flip flops, a Yankee, a name badge for   where i’ll be working this month, a bow tie and two tickets to Warped Tour
#ActualBae #BOUND


currently with #actualbae

I just boarded my plane when Amilee messages me telling me to get off because there’s no phalangy

Anonymous said: are you and diego going to have sex in the airport?

We’re joining the mile high club

Follow Shaun, the guy i went to Lovebox with, he is honestly lovely



Of all a deer’s senses, their eyesight is the worst. 

To be fair, if a possum grabbed your face in pitch darkness, you’d probably jump like you were spring-loaded too.