Follow @Dec_Geater You want me to come over i've got an excuse
Our lifestyles might be comparable. Cats

> Chihiro <

want more relatable?

It’s 6:52am and i’m waiting for you to come home so we can cuddle in bed

Bae has gone to work until 7am and i miss him

Mum’s are the best people to talk to

Diego is showing me around UCF and talking like an automated air hostess health and safety check


shes like an an alcoholic elementary school teacher

This is my Mum

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2 bae or not 2 bae

They asked what my greatest fear and biggest dream was. I didn’t know.

Warped Tour also crossed off ‘Go to a festival where you don’t know any bands’ on my things to do before i die list

#WarpedTour #BOUND (at Vans Warped Tour!)

Diego has fallen asleep and i’m up with this cough and nobody to cuddle