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Our lifestyles might be comparable.



The 1975 kind of night.

Never take shit off anyone on this website no matter how much they think they know your life because they take a psychology course. They don’t even understand their own lives.


Tarantino is Genius. 


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I can’t even begin to comprehend how much Ollie’s ears stick out but dey cute so

Why people don’t like sluts

People don’t like sluts because sluts offer themselves easily to other people without any of the hassle of playing hard to get and having boundaries first. They know what they want and they go for it. They get more sex than the average person who will hold back and wait a while before they feel it necessary to make a move, they get the one you wanted first and they do it all in a very short space of time. That is why people don’t like sluts.

Back streets back ALRIGHT! 
We are the best looking brothers out today 
#SalmonellaBreakfast #Brother

Why have you come?”
"Because no one else would go with you.”

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david ur my favourite person ever

Anonymous said: How do you know Deeecccc? Has he shown you his massive dick yet?


1st I know him because I do, done.
2nd we both have a boyfriend you horny slut I don’t give a shit about his huge or small dick you are all horny faggots go get a wank anon!!
PS: Declan you are really nice, great chat ☺️

You go Lewis



It’s 4:48am and i just know this windstorm outside is you, but i’m not angry to be woken up by it. I welcome it.